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The Synergy Edge


We have a take-no-prisoners approach to quality. Everyone at Synergy is committed to delivering products of the highest quality, and everyone is empowered to do what’s necessary to make that happen.

Project Management

Our team members are trained in critical querying and problem solving skills, so they stay on top of deliverables. We continually benchmark our project management and ourselves using key performance indicators.

Systems & Processes

We have created processes and set up systems that promote strong collaboration, uncover sticking points early, encourage self-direction and problem solving, and foster a creative, productive work environment.

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We hire better, and we train better. We prefer to recruit through our network and always vet our IT pros to ensure suitability for global work. Our unique employee training methods and mixed-team setup produce high-performing, cross-cultural teams.

Global Thinking, Local Prices

What is now Synergy started as a team extension for a Danish company, so the Western mindset is part of our DNA. Being based in Pakistan, however, allows us to keep costs at an extremely competitive level.


We have the structure and processes in place to scale up and down quickly. Our large talent pool supports rapid growth, while the range and variety of clients and projects we take on ensure long-term stability.

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Common Concerns

Common Concerns About OffshoringHow We Address That
We need to work closely with our developers and that requires intimate understanding of our business and culture.We train our teams extensively on any new client’s business and culture—we even train our clients on how to work best with us.
Our IT systems and data are vital to us, we can’t gamble with quality.We hire only highly educated and experienced engineers, and our project management is second to none.
We are too small for offshoring to be a feasible solution.Scalability to the rescue. We can accommodate clients and projects of all sizes, whether you need one person for a week or 15 people for a year.
Offshoring companies are notorious for high staff turnover—and we end up paying for that.Synergy team members stay for the long haul. Our churn rate is far lower than for IT professionals in most Western countries.
We can’t risk losing control of our IT development.You won’t. We work as an integrated part of your team, not as a distant vendor.
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How We Work

Let’s be honest. Traditional offshoring has a poor reputation and for good reason.
Problems abound: communication breakdowns, high churn rates, quality issues, and cultural differences. At the same time, companies everywhere strain under the escalating costs and pressure of continual innovation.

What’s the answer?
Reengineer offshoring. Using our deep experience in IT development, team and systems setup, and overcoming cross-cultural challenges, we built a new collaboration model. One that works.

The Synergy Collaboration Model

Training: Developing skills in cross-disciplinary areas like project management, testing, and documentation is just the beginning. Our team members also study problem solving and decision making processes, as well as their clients’ business, market, and culture.

Culture: For cross-border collaboration to succeed, you first have to map cultural differences, then train both sides to work together. Using the Hofstede Dimensions of National Culture framework, we address differences in open, constructive ways.

Relationships: Cross-functional teams, frequent interactions, and candid communication build relationships and active engagement of team members in both locations. We have regular virtual joint workshops and, whenever possible, arrange remote site visits.

We Have Been Studied

The Synergy collaboration model has been studied by researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen. Their conclusion? Our approach enables engagement, boosts quality, reduces misunderstandings and mistakes, and creates a productive and rewarding work environment.

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From my research in the field of Global Software Development, I can tell that Synergy-IT has developed and successfully deployed a battery of strategies to build trust and sense of shared identity in multicultural teams to deliver turnkey software intensive solutions without being affected by geographical and temporal boundaries.

Muhammad Ali Babar, PhD
Professor of Software Engineering at Adelaide University, Australia
Associate Professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark