harness the future

Take your company into the future you envision with Synergy's innovative offshoring model

Team Extensions

Get a dedicated team that functions as an extension of yours. You’ll have a stronger, closely integrated IT department collaborating to develop and deliver the digital products and services your organization needs to thrive. Learn more

Project Outsourcing

We apply long-term thinking to short-term engagements. If you have a well-defined, finite project—or business challenge to solve—we work with you to design the right product to move your business forward, now and next year. Learn more

Innovation Incubator

Part think tank, talent factory, and incubator, this is our creative iteration facility. We partner with entrepreneurs, makers, and investors to turn great ideas into reality, producing market-ready products affordably. Learn more

Case Study

Synergy-IT’s one-team-model provided the muscle and scalability necessary to move from being a 3rd party dependent, side-tracked IT-department in an industry facing imminent challenges to a full-service IT-department with strategic focus, high productivity and budget control.

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How We Work

Synergy was founded on a bold vision: to evolve the model of global collaboration. Why? So we could deliver the true benefits of offshore IT development to our clients. To fulfill that promise we do a lot of things differently—from the way we hire and train to the way we interact with our customers and partners.

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