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  • Front-end software development
  • Backend software development
  • Backend software architecture
  • UX design


  • ASP .NET
  • Angular
  • Android

Bladkompagniet is a Denmark based distribution company specialising in delivery and transportation of newspapers, magazines, and parcels. Each day, Bladkompagniet’s couriers travel around the country collecting the goods from various collection and delivery points and transporting them to many different customers.

To keep up with their growth, Bladkompagniet were looking for a digital solution that could replace their existing paper-based process. They searched for an off-the-shelf product, but soon discovered that they would require a custom solution to meet their needs. They finally reached out to Synergy-IT for the design and development of their custom solution that could facilitate their specialised process.

Our process

Before starting on the designs, we conducted an in-depth observation by accompanying Bladkompagniet’s couriers on their daily collections and deliveries. Spending a day in their shoes meant we could better understand the process and gain a courier’s perspective that we could apply to our designs.

With our new-found understanding of the process, we created low fidelity wireframes to outline the user flow and explore how drivers would manage their deliveries. Once validated with Bladkompagniet, we generated high fidelity designs ready for development.

Our solution

We designed a comprehensive, secured and compatible solution for [client], offering the best technology for most effective service-based field force management that ensured complete process automation.

All job schedules are pushed to mobile devices carried by couriers. Back-office portal can track couriers progress in real-time and plan further initiatives.

Location tracking data generates actionable insights which optimize your operations and work order management on a day-to-day basis and helps courier management to the next level.


Time and location measurements are sent real-time to back-office managers and provides vital information about progress as well as flaws and problems occurred. This allowed the back-office managers to:

  • Manage more couriers per back-office employee.
  • Optimize documentation of tasks done.
  • Eliminate usage of physical paper in the operation.
  • Supports managers to add new tasks on the fly; the couriers performing the job are notified in the courier’s app.
  • Offer new jobs/tasks to one or more couriers on the fly.
  • Balance, split, and rearrange jobs on the fly.

Quality control

The solution helped the back-office managers in identifying:

  • Whether there has been reported problems that needs attention from back-office.
  • Bird-eye graphical representation of the most problematic jobs.
  • Extract information from the operation to document the actual quality.

Also, the manager could:

  • Contact the couriers using the chat module
  • Track the courier’s coordinates while they are executing their tasks.
  • Monitor a courier’s actual path on a map.


Increase in efficiency

Digitising their process had a huge impact on Bladkompagniet’s efficiency. Previously, couriers would be out completing deliveries all day before returning with their paper sheets full of signatures. With a connected app, instant proof of delivery meant Bladkompagniet could invoice customers and keep track of distribution right away.

Better workflow for couriers

The couriers can now easily manage multiple jobs in the app without shuffling through a stack of papers. Also, their connectivity with the back-office portal gave Bladkompagniet better visibility into which jobs were currently in progress.

Paving the way for future digitisation

The final solution future-proofed Bladkompagniet’s delivery processes and enhanced productivity. Bladkompagniet now have a great foundation to expand the current solution and are exploring other digitisation initiatives with us.