We provide simple solutions for complex business challenges.

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions based on the Microsoft .NET platform (among others). Our knowledge of the latest technology stacks has allowed us to assist our customers with system design, system architecture, software implementation, and third-party integrations.

Our customers belong to a variety of diverse industries such as publishing, distribution, education, and human resources. Every project, no matter how big or small, receives the same degree of attention and professionalism, and we are always here to assist our customers in every step of the way.

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What our clients say about working with us

Over the years Synergy-IT have provided high quality services to Gyldendal and have been — and still is — a valued partner in the effort of continuous improvement of IT applications and performance in Gyldendal. Synergy-IT has the ability and the will to understand the business of Gyldendal as a customer and thereby to be a vital partner in IT issues. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with Synergy-IT.

Bjarne Ponikowski

Director, Gyldendal

Synergy-IT has a unique model in software offshoring where our team at Synergy-IT works as a fully integrated part of SolutionSpace. Has there been any challenges in the startup phase? Yes of course, but today we see each other as skilled colleagues just working at two different locations. Our setup with Synergy-IT as our trusted team extension partner with a deep expertise in offshoring is an incorporated part of our business model and it is a distinct competitive advantage for us. SolutionSpace have a great partnership with Synergy-IT sharing a lot of the same business values and I can truly recommend you to use Synergy-IT as your offshoring partner.

Jesper Nielsen

Partner & Co-Founder, SolutionSpace

Our relationship with the founders of Synergy-IT started back in 2006, with a team of skilled, cost-efficient software developers who blended seamlessly into our organization. Today, we consider Synergy-IT a flexible, valuable and integral part of the way we do business.

Morten Thune Højberg

CEO, Moment

We reached out to Synergy-IT with an urgent request after realizing we were not able to recruit the developers we needed through our usual channels. Synergy-IT, however, managed to present us with a team of skilled developers with knowledge of our domain, only shortly after our initial discussion. Our team, physically located in Pakistan, was operative in a matter of few weeks and today we have a smooth and efficient collaboration.

Kristian Guttesen

Owner, Optimentor

We were very pleased with our first experience of working with Synergy-IT. We teamed up with Synergy-IT, after losing patience with our then supplier who was failing to carry out important updates to a vital application of ours. We transferred the project to Synergy-IT, who handled the job to perfection. Our collaboration with the project manager and the developers have been excellent. The original project is done, but our collaboration is not.

Sonny Henningsen